Air on Bronte Moor

Top Withins AutumnWhat began as a simple experiment to try and record the sound of the wind on Haworth Moor turned into a multi disciplined arts performance involving music, film and poetry.

David has spent a lot of time walking the moors around Haworth and wanted to create something which captured the dramatic landscape of the Brontes.

Air on Bronte Moor

David has spent many years enjoying the landscape of Bronte country and in recently composed a suite of music inspired by the lives, the works and the landscape of the Brontes.

David then collaborated with artist and filmmaker, Simon Warner who then walked the moors and other areas of Haworth and made a series of short films to accompany the music. Following a live presentation at a Bronte conference at Leeds University the pair were joined by poet Dr Adam Strickson who responded to the music and films with original poetry. The premiere live performance including all three art forms took place at Bradford Cathedral in November 2013  and the results can be seen below


The artists were then invited to perform at the Bronte Society AGM in June 2014


Top Withins from afarGate on Haworth Moor

The album Air on Bronte Moor is available to download here on iTunes

David has also captured a study of Haworth Moors in a series of photographs some of which are here.

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