New music for film and dance

Here are couple of examples of some of the latest sounds coming out of studio 18 and a look back a previous projects

Contemporary Dance

An alternative soundtrack to this amazing contemporary dance

Classic Car Chase

Having fun with some classic movie car chases here

Music for Indian car chase movie scene

Wild West Bradford 1902 – contemporary music over archive film


Accompagné de la pluie – by David Wilson

Solo baritone sax with rain accompaniment – filmed on mobile phone

Live performance with percussion master – Inder ‘Goldfinger’ Matharu in Los Angeles

Abhogi – by David Wilson 

Love Beyond Measure – by David Wilson 


A little sax warm up on tenor – recorded on mobile phone – is it that obvious?


Calmrunner – like Blade Runner but a little calmer – works so well?

Ambient Slo Mo #2 – to accompany this amazing footage shot by Gregory Wilson (no relation)


And here’s one from a few years back inspired by a very cold early morning in Undercliffe Cemetery, Bradford, UK. Images and music by DW

Another obsession for me is the sound of the ocean. One of my favourite places to be is along the North Yorkshire coast in UK – in this case, Filey

Click play below for a selection of ambient tunes

Passing of time – slow and contemplative

Here’s a little something a bit more dramatic and pensive perhaps