New music for film and dance

Here are couple of examples of some of the latest sounds coming out of studio 18 and a look back a previous projects

Contemporary Dance

An alternative soundtrack to this amazing contemporary dance

Classic Car Chase

Having fun with some classic movie car chases here

Music for Indian car chase movie scene

Wild West Bradford 1902 – contemporary music over archive film


Accompagné de la pluie – by David Wilson

Solo baritone sax with rain accompaniment – filmed on mobile phone

Live performance with percussion master – Inder ‘Goldfinger’ Matharu in Los Angeles

Abhogi – by David Wilson 

Love Beyond Measure – by David Wilson 


A little sax warm up on tenor – recorded on mobile phone – is it that obvious?


Calmrunner – like Blade Runner but a little calmer – works so well?

Ambient Slo Mo #2 – to accompany this amazing footage shot by Gregory Wilson (no relation)


And here’s one from a few years back inspired by a very cold early morning in Undercliffe Cemetery, Bradford, UK. Images and music by DW

Another obsession for me is the sound of the ocean. One of my favourite places to be is along the North Yorkshire coast in UK – in this case, Filey

Click play below for a selection of ambient tunes

Passing of time – slow and contemplative

Here’s a little something a bit more dramatic and pensive perhaps

Angelo Palladino

It is so good when you stumble across amazing talent living not too far away. I met Angelo at a gig back in 2014 and we have been in touch ever since, discussing how I might record some saxophone and horn arrangements on some of his new material.

We got together with two other accomplished musicians, Jake Miller (bass) and Jacob Riley (drums) and together we are The Street Hawks.

The band folded in late 2017 when Angelo decided to go back to been a solo artist. We are still in touch…..

One of my favourite tracks of Angelo’s is Midnight – here’s a version recorded at Sofar Sounds, Leeds.

David and Angelo on stage with Jordan Patterson at the Great British (Colne) Blues Festival 2016

the album due came out in November 2015 – Street Hawk Diaries (Part 1)

Here’s a quick look into the rehearsal room

See below for an impromptu performance of one of Angelo’s tunes, ‘Midnight’ performed at the 1st anniversary of Al’s Dime Bar in Bradford recently.

To find out more about Angelo’s music and where to catch him live please click here 

Air on Brontë Moor

Air on Bronte Moor

This began as an experiment to record the wind on Haworth Moor and the Bronte Way.

David then used the wind to form a bed on which to play over, in this case using a tin whistle in the key of D to match the wind.

This forms part of a longer study into the environment, music and influences of the Bronte family and includes some of the images taken by David around Haworth and the Bronte Way in Yorkshire, England.

David is also drawing on ifluences from Branwell Bronte’s flute book which contains hand written popular tunes of the day (1831). But also using Elizabeth Gaskell’s biography of Charlotte Bronte as influence of the lifestyle of the Bronte family.