Victoria Gowrama: The Lost Princess

Inder ‘Goldfinger’and I were also privelidged to be asked to respond to the work of Writer CP Belliappa and his book, Princess Gowrama: The Lost Princess, the astonishing story of Victoria Gowramma, daughter of the deposed Raja of Coorg. Schooled to become a Christian and brought to England as a child, she was accorded unusual attention from Queen Victoria, who became her godmother.

We had the pleasure of meeting the other author and performing alongside him at the Ilkley Literature Festival on 6th October 2011.

In 2014, Alchemy once again brought a range of artists together to celebrate their tenth birthday – here is just part of the magic of that very special event


The film below is from a pilot performance as part of the Yorkshire Salon Lectures, hosted by Alchemy.